Official EVANGELION e-RACING Team Announced for JeGT Grand Prix 2020

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I really wish I could call this made up and say that it’s just me trying to find another excuse to once again state that there really is an EVANGELION collaboration for everything under the sun. Today, the announcement was made that the official EVANGELION e-RACING team will be entering the Gran Turismo JeGT GRAND PRIX 2020 event. The JeGT event will take place over the next few months, so there are many chances to see the team in action.

Profile of the EVANGELION e-RACING Team

The EVANGELION e-RACING team consists of three drivers, Takuya Otaki, Yoshiharu Imai, and Kazuki Chou. They will be driving the EVA RT TEST TYPE-01 Vantage GT3 which is based on the ASTON MARTIN Vantage GT3 car model. The other drivers usually drive a different car each modeled after UNIT-01, but for this event, they will be relying on the Vantage GT3. Needless to say, the car really has a presence to it. There is just something that is magical about the coloring that was made for the model of the car. It honestly makes me want to somehow, someway, obtain one for my own possession.


With the event taking place in Gran Turismo, it’s really awesome to see how real-world racers like Takuya Otaki are making the transition from the real-world to the digital-world. It also goes to show just how realistic the game is.

If you are interested in seeing the EVANGELION e-RACING team compete, you can do so on the official JeGT YouTube page. ates for each event are as follows:

Heat 1: 20 December 2020,
Heat 2: 10 January 2021
Heat 3: 31 January 2021
Heat 4: 21 February 2021

The final is going to be held sometime in March. The date will be announced at a later time.

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