New Evangelion Pocket Shirts Announced by RADIO EVA


RADIO EVA is constantly pumping out amazing Evangelion items, and today they announced a new series of pocket shirts themed after the series.

The new clothing series has eight different shirt designs: seven themed after ‘THE BEAST’ and two themed after the border coloring of Unit-01. Three are button-up shirts and five of them are pull-over t-shirts.

The shirts themed after ‘THE BEAST’ have those same words embroidered on the pocket. No over the top designs here. The shirts themed after the border have the RADIO EVA logo screen printed on the pocket. Both designs are casual enough to be worn on any occasion.


With new clothing items coming out related to Evangelion at a break-neck pace, it’s nice to have something that’s a bit more toned down and can be worn out to gatherings or even to work. You don’t want to stand out too much with your otaku accessories and clothing.

The shirts are available to order through the RADIO EVA store. If you’re looking to get your hands on these shirts, you’re going to need to employ the help of a proxy or a friend that lives in Japan. RADIO EVA does ship internationally, but not all products are eligible.

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