Evangelion and Tokyo Otaku Mode Bring Us Alpacasso Eva Units

Evangelion Alpacasso - Tokyo Otaku Mode

Japanese pop culture goods shop Tokyo Otaku Mode has announced that they’ve come together with the ultra-popular anime Evangelion to produce a series of 3 Alpacasso plush toys that represent different Eva Units.

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The Alpacasso plushes are designed after Unit-01, Unit-00, and Unit-02, which are the units piloted by Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, respectively. The designs of each Eva Unit are woven into the Alpacasso like a cute little costume, making them easily identifiable as the Eva Unit they’re impersonating. The three designs will be available in three different sizes: Jumbo, Standard, and Mascot. The Jumbo size is a full 12 inches tall, the Standard is a slightly smaller 7 inches tall, whereas the Mascot version is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a little ball chain so you can use it as a key chain or something. If you pre-order any of the sets from Tokyo Otaku Mode, you’ll get a set of shiny badges identifying which Alpacasso is which Eva Unit, along with the triangular prism NERV HQ where these little boys live. They’re making it sound pretty exclusive, so die-hard fans can’t miss out.

I think they look a little goofy because of how innocent and happy they seem like they have no clue they’re based on some huge, secretly sentient robot that was invented thanks to the exploitation of human experimentation. Tokyo Otaku Mode states that “They’ve fused with NERV’s Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion, and have become cute artiodactyl decisive weapons (?) called Evapacasso!” They look so utterly clueless, but that makes me want a full set of them all the more. The Jumbo set is going for about 100USD, the Standard set for 65USD, and the small Mascot set for about 45USD. It appears that even fans in Japan will be able to pre-order these Alpacasso.

You can take a look at these Evangelion x Tokyo Otaku Mode Alpacasso Plush Toys here, and inevitably pre-order the largest set out of impulse. They’ll also be for sale at the Evangelion Store in Tokyo, and also their online store.

Tokyo Otaku Mode / Amuse / Khara
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