Evangelion Unit 01 Bullet Train to End Service Mid-May

JR West and Evangelion’s collaborative 500 Type EVA Train is nearing the end of its life-cycle, with the final departure expected to take place May 13.


In November 2015 the world was graced with what would go on to be one of the coolest collaborations ever courtesy of JR West and Evangelion. Inviting both residents and tourists alike to get in the robot, the 500 Type EVA Shinkansen absolutely blew our mind upon introduction and continues doing so to this day. The collaboration between JR West and Evangelion would call on the talents of series creator Hideaki Anno as supervisor, and Eva mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita to design the layout of the train.

Unfortunately, as with everything great on this planet, the train’s service must come to an end. The date for this planned End of Evangelion? May 13, 2018, making this crunch time if you’re planning on ever riding this magnificent feat of humanity.

If you think the outer design of the train is sleek, just wait until you get inside of the shinkansen. Everything about this screams Evangelion, something that I’m 200% down with. The interior featured NERV’s signature imagery, and even the staff wore themed outfits. Announcements on the train were made by Kaworu himself, and certain lucky individuals were even able to sit in the cockpit as shown at roughly 5:00 in the above video.

With not much time left in the 500 Type EVA Shinkansen’s lifetime, you’ll definitely want to head over to the English-language website to find out even more details on how you can get onboard. We’ll keep you updated as more news is announced.

Image:  © WEST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY all rights reserved. © khara

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