Ride The Evangelion Trolley In Kyoto For A Limited Time

Ride The Evangelion Trolley In Kyoto For A Limited Time

Perhaps more than any other franchise on earth, Neon Genesis Evangelion has assumed more merchandise forms than any one person could ever conceive. 2020 alone has brought us Eva printed official Japan currency, multiple high-end watches, emergency rations, and Bikkuriman. While this latest transmutation of the classic anime isn’t purchasable you can ride it. To promote the upcoming ‘Evangelion Kyoto Base’ coming to Toei Uzumasa Eigamura (aka Kyoto Studio Park) on October 3, you can ride around the streets of Japan’s most famous traditional city in an old-style streetcar decked out in Unit 01 colors for a limited time.

Evangelion Trolley

Seeing as it wouldn’t make for effective marketing, this tram decked out in the iconic purple and green color scheme really is riding around the streets of Kyoto and not just an attraction in the park itself! Specifically, it’ll ride between the city’s center Shijo Omiya and go through to the popular tourist destination Arashiyama. At the latter’s station, a special Evangelion merchandise shop will be opened with exclusives you won’t be able to get elsewhere including the intimidatingly named ‘Rei’s Calpis Yogurt’ and the admittedly more enticing ‘Kaworu’s Black Sesame Whipped Latte’. As we all still holding our breaths for that final movie, why not ride the trolley in the meantime?

Evangelion Arashiyama

While Kyoto’s always been a popular tourist destination for being a hub of traditional Japanese life, it’s never been a capital w Weeb attraction. There is an underrated manga museum absolutely worth checking out there, but it doesn’t scream Anime Culture like this Evangelion streetcar sure does. Would the inclusion of more anime-based sightseeing destinations make Kyoto more or less appealing we wonder? Part of us wants Kyoto to remain the shrine and traditional architecture wonderland that it been for centuries. However, we also want to take a ride on that streetcar named Unit 01.

Evangelion comes to Kyoto officially on October 3.

Studio Khara / Kyoto Studio Park
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