Evangelion Vinyl From Milan Records Brings Together Fan Favorite Tracks

Evangelion Vinyl From Milan Records

2021’s going to be the biggest year for Evangelion since its very first 25 years ago. We’ll finally be getting the last Rebuild of Evangelion movie Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, which is a big light at the end of a very long tunnel. Fans in the United States and England will also finally be getting the original series on Blu-ray next year, courtesy of Gkids and All The Anime, respectively; the biggest white whale for those who love buying their anime on shiny discs still. If you thought it couldn’t get better than this for fans of anime’s most beloved monster, Milan Records announced Evangelion Finally, a best-of Evangelion vinyl for the series’ 25th anniversary!Evangelion Vinyl From Milan Records

Evangelion Finally is sort of a best-of collection, with tracks coming from several iterations and recordings from the Evangelion musical canon. A handful of the songs were recorded as recently as this year, but some should be their originals, now preserved for all time in wax. Milan Records, by putting out an Evangelion vinyl, makes Evangelion sound brothers with the likes of anime such as Cowboy Bebop and films like Midsommar, both also featuring killer soundtracks. No release date yet, but pre-orders start 3 December.

Thank god, we got ‘Tamashi No Refrain’ aka ‘Soul’s refrain’ on this bad boy, as western Evangelion fans don’t appreciate it enough. Realistically, ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’; at least one ‘Fly My To The Moon’ variant; and ‘Komm Susser Todd’ would be shoe-ins for such an Evangelion vinyl, but we’ll be glad to have these tunes on wax either way. Whether the tracklist was entirely up to Milan Records or Studio Khara, who can say, but we’re happy with the over-all track listing which you can check out here. Understandable, but a little sad that none of the Rebuild Utada Hikaru tracks are included.

Milan Records will take preorders for their Evangelion vinyl starting 3 December.

Studio Khara / Milan Records
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