EVANGELION x LOW BLOW KNUCKLE Shirts Set to Release This Month

Evangelion Anime Screenshot

The amount of Evangelion apparel seems to keep growing day by day. EVANGELION STORE ONLINE announced that the EVANGELION x LOW BLOW KNUCKLE line of shirts will be shipping to customers starting this month.

EVANGELION x LOW BLOW KNUCKLE ShirtsThe shirts are designed by LOW BLOW KNUCKLE and come in two different designs: one with Rei in a rockabilly outfit and one with Asuka dressed up in an adorable waitress outfit. The Rei shirt comes in two different colorways: pastel purple and black. The Asuka shirt comes in three: white, black, and pastel pink.

I think the Asuka design looks better than the Rei one, but that could be just because I’m a stan for Asuka. Both designs are honestly amazing.


If you’re interested in grabbing some of the EVANGELION x LOW BLOW KNUCKLE shirts for yourself, you can do so through Buyeeand official partner of the EVANGELION STORE ONLINE. Each shirt will cost ¥7,590 and will start shipping to buyers sometime this May. If you’re not comfortable purchasing goods through a third party, you can always try to reach out to a friend in Japan who can purchase directly from the EVANGELION STORE ONLINE. But then you’d have to wait to get them possibly longer… and who wants that?

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