Event: GITADORA Remote Tournament (GRT) 2018: 9/2-10/28

Out of nowhere, a spark has brought light to the GITADORA community worldwide. Community member joesushi announced the Gitadora Remote Tournament (GRT) 2018 for GITADORA Matixx last week, and qualifiers have immediately begun. GRT2018 is open to everyone of all skill levels worldwide, just visit your nearest Round1 or game center and use your eAmusement pass (for score tracking).

  • Qualifiers (September 2-15)
  • Phase 1 (September 16 – October 6)
  • Phase 2 (October 7-28)

The tournament will take place throughout September and October and consist of three phases (Qualifiers, Phase 1 and Phase 2) with Upper and Lower divisions for both drums and guitar. EX Score will be used throughout (2 points for Perfects, 1 point for Greats, 0 for Goods). In the event of a tie, Skill percentage (%) and if needed Skill points will be used as tiebreakers.

Pictures of score/result screens will be required throughout each phase. Scorecards via the eAmusement app can be used as well. Recording a video of your play is ok, as long as there is footage of the result screen. Score pictures/video links should be sent to this email: [email protected] The email should include your Gitadora player name and instrument (Drums, Guitar). Participants may optionally include their instrument skill points for the purpose of being added to another players’ rival list. Players can submit scores as many times as they like before the deadline of that tournament phase.

Songs will be announced here in the article below, on the Gitadora USA Facebook group, The Round 1 Information Group, the Gitadora Discord server and tweeted out by joe (@joesushi) the day before the start of that tournament phase (possibly earlier). Players can play and submit phase songs up to the last day and before the announced deadline time.

Feel free to contact via email [email protected] or Twitter @joesushi with any questions, concerns or clarifications. Have fun and rock out!



Phase 1:  ENDED. Proceed to Phase 2!

Phase 2: October 7 through October 27

Good luck to all players!

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