Event: Just For Today – DJMAX Technika Fan Reunion 10/19 in Industry, CA

Remember Technika Tuesdays? Come join us on the 10 year anniversary of the thing that started and changed the lives of many people who were affected by this crazy touchscreen music rhythm game called DJMAX Technika! December 10, 2009 was when that colored LED bar turned on, revealing the NET Icon on screen, opening the service that changed our lives forever! The friendships, the rivalries, the laughs, the cries, the drama, the cherished memories–this event is the celebration of these things that revolved around this game.

On Saturday, October 19 from 2-10 PM at the VFW Post 1944 (16157 E. Gale Ave, Industry, CA) reunite with long-time friends and take a trip down memory lane playing your favorite songs in pop or club mixing, or get together with friends and do a roulette as there will be 3, MAYBE EVEN 4 Technika cabinets at the event with NET enabled!

A showing of ‘Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary’ with Director Nicholas Dobkin will start promptly at 3:30 PM.

// WATCH YOUR STEP – Important Stuff

LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT IS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2019! Be sure to register and tell your friends! Experience what this incredible game is all about, and be a part of the celebration of an arcade game that has had an impact on so many lives all over the world.

LAST DAY TO RESERVE A SPOT TO PURCHASE THE EVENT-EXCLUSIVE COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT IS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7th, 2019! Your form submission is to reserve ONE(1) commemorative shirt for purchase. We’re excited to show the design of the event-exclusive commemorative shirt, only available for sale at the event, designed by JET! These are also at limited quantity as well, so be sure to fill out the pre-order form to reserve yourself a spot!

The pre-order form is listed at the event page below. Additional shirts can be purchased at the event while supplies last.


// FUNKY PEOPLE – Guests of Honor

These people have contributed to DJMAX Technika and/or has shown their appreciation for the game in many different ways, and they have come to join us in the celebration! Stop by their table and say hello! These guests will also be participating in a discussion after the screening of Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary, including a Q&A session!

Michael “bnis” Yum (PM Studios, CEO)

Michael found PM Studios in 2007 and worked closely with Pentavision/Neowiz Games to release the number one South Korean PSP game known as DJMAX to gamers all over the world. He followed it up with the hit arcade sensation known as Technika. He recently partnered up with Clarence Avant to form Krew Game Studios for a new console project and is also working on a few mobile titles for PM Studios.

Seong-uk “Justin” Jeon / PANAX (PM Studios, Art Director)

Seong-Uk Jeon also known as Panax to the DJMAX fans was the Art Director for the DJMAX Metro Project which includes titles Technika, Black Square and Clazziquai Edition. Now known simply as Justin, he leads PM Studios’ Art Division and oversees all projects as the Art Director.

Dongpil “Phil” Lim / Feels (PM Studios, Technical Director)

At a young age, Dongpil has always dreamt of making video games. His dream became reality when he landed a job at a video game company where he has helped create numerous titles for consoles, PC and arcades. Dongpil is currently living in the U.S and working at PM Studios, where he hopes to continue his dream of making amazing and successful video games.

Steven Yum (PM Studios, Producer)

Steven loves video games. He loves playing them, collecting them, and most of all creating them. The first job Steven landed was at EA Mobile, where he helped create and release numerous titles under the EA brand as well as learn the process of video game conception. Steven is currently working at PM Studios with a fantastic group of people who share the same vision and passion.

Paul Hartling / redshoepaul (PM Studios, Marketing Coordinator) (Bemanistyle, Editor-in-Chief)

Paul came from writing about rhythm games for over 10 years, to even having an impressive 20+ year history of playing them. He prefers his media physical and will never say no to going out for delicious ramen. Originally from Boston, MA, Paul now lives in Los Angeles, CA and loves his new PM Studios family.

Nicholas Dobkin (Touching Sound, Director/Producer)

A graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts (whose alumni include George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis), Nick was first introduced to Technika in 2010. The first time he saw it, a group he didn’t know was running a roulette, and asked him to join. His passion for the game and its community never faltered since. As part of his degree in Film Production, he produced a short Technika documentary showcasing the game’s concept. When online support ended, he took it upon himself to begin the arduous task of planning out one last attempt to chronicle the mark it left on its community.

// READY NOW – New Stuff

Wear them proud! One of the commemorative items the coordinators will be gifting to all attendees are a pair of small Technika lapel pins! Only a limited number will be available (1 pair per attendee), so be sure to register and get to the event early! We will reveal the design in a future post.

Get ready, put your hanz up, and dance the rest of the evening as KITCHENCORE will be invading the landscape to close out the event! DJ lineup will be posted in the weeks to come!

// GIVE ME 5 – Other Updates

Time to dust off your Technika Cards everyone, the Technika machines gracing us at the event will be online!! Come by and take photos at the Technika-themed photobooth! Don’t forget to sign and write on the Technika-themed backdrop as well.

Food & beverages will also be available at the event! A menu will be posted in the weeks to come.


Technika fans get ready to obtain raffle tickets as you could be one of the lucky winners at our event to take home one of these DJMAX/DJMAX Technika related items! Images of the raffle items will be posted on all social platforms in weeks leading up to the event!

– Technika 1/2/3 IC Profile Cards

– Technika 1/2/3 Display Monitor Side Panels

– Technika 2 Display Title Marquee (What?!)

– Technika 1 Floor/Platform/Stage Marquee (Yes, that stage panel!)


// HERE IN THE MOMENT – Yearbook

All attendees will be given a small little yearbook booklet with the event schedule programme, brief description about DJMAX Technika, a small thank you to the fans by the JFT Crew, brief pieces about the Guests of Honor, tons of pictures, and dedications from Technika fans all over the world! There will also be a couple of blank pages near the end so you can have your friends at the event sign your yearbook as well! We also have something special for the booklet also, but you gotta be at the event to see what it is!

If you are interested in making a dedication, share some Technika memories and pictures, or want to advertise in the yearbook, please shoot us a direct message on our FB Event page, Twitter, Instagram, or email us at [email protected]!

Last day to reserve a spot on the yearbook is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th, 2019! Sign up at the Eventbrite page with the link below using the password “ask2wind”! TICKETS ARE FREE!

We hope to see you come out and celebrate with us! We will be making more updates to this post with the progress of the event. Any questions, please reach out to the coordinators at any of the social platforms or email below!

EVENTBRITE EVENT PAGE (password: ask2wind)


FACEBOOK EVENT: https://bit.ly/TechnikaReunionFB

TWITTER: @TechnikaReunion

INSTAGRAM: @TechnikaReunion

EMAIL: [email protected]

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