Event: RhythmCore Pump it Up Tournament 7/15 at Round1 Broadway Mall, NY

Come join New York for an exciting Pump it Up PRIME 2 2018 tournament on Long Island at Round1 Broadway Mall this Sunday! Two speed divisions, Fantasy (S6-12) and Requiem (S13-26) with doubles in the final rounds. In addition to this, a Freestyle competition.

  • July 15, 2018 at 12pm Noon
  • $10.00 admission fee


Each player is required to play two songs either before or on the day of the event. The final score will be used to set up brackets for the tournament. If you decide to submit your score early, send it to the following address, [email protected]. If you want to submit on the day of the tournament, please be at the venue before 12PM and someone will be there to take down your score. Fantasy songs will use Normal Judgement and Requiem will use Hard Judgement.

Fantasy Qualifying Songs (Normal judgement):
Cross Time S7 (Prime 2)

Bad Apple S9 (Prime 1)

Requiem Qualifying Songs (Hard judgement):

Butterfly S16 (Fiesta/Fiesta EX)

Monolith S16 (Fiesta 2)

TIEBREAKER SONG: Requiem S19 (Prime 1)*

*Note: The tiebreaker song is only used in case there is a tie in score between the other 2 songs (e.g. if multiple players SS both songs)

The tiebreaker song must be played on Rank Mode.


Singles Fantasy:

In this division the level range will be S6 to S12, single elimination. The first round will be limited to S8 and below, with the level cap increasing by 2 each round (but going no higher than S12). All songs will be set to normal judgement.

NOTE: Depending on your score for the 2 qualifier songs, you may be moved up to Requiem division to create a more equal playing field.

Singles Requiem:

In this division the level range will be S13 to S26, double elimination. The first round will be limited to S16 and below, with the level cap increasing by 2 each round. The final four will play on doubles mode. All songs will be set to hard judgement.


In this division there will be no restrictions all songs, modes, and modifiers are allowed. You may choose to perform solo or join with a group. One song selection is allowed for the performance following a score by the judges. To be eligible for scoring a minimum letter grade of D or higher is required.

  • All modifiers may be used during the tournament, with the exception of Rush (OFF), BGA-DARK (ON), & HJ (REQUIEM ONLY).
  • Highest machine score decides the winner per round. In the event of a tie, a third song will be played. The tiebreaker song will be selected out of three random arcade-length songs, with the highest possible difficulty being the level cap for that round and the lowest possible difficulty being 3 lower. Each player will eliminate one song, the remainder will be played. (For doubles rounds, randoms will consist of charts 20+).
  • The charts below illustrate possible levels for each round for each division.


Round Highest allowed level (for picks) Random range
1 8 6-8
2 10 7-10
3+ 12 8-12



Round Highest allowed level (for picks) Random range
1 16 13-16
2 18 15-18
3 20 17-20
4 22 19-22
5+ All 20+
Doubles (final 4) All 20+


  • Placement will be used to determine for each match-up who picks first+second song or pad side (or during doubles, whether to play first or second). Higher seed gets first choice on the options while lower placement is given the other.
  • Fantasy division will be single elimination. Requiem division will be double elimination.
  • Full songs, remixes, and shortcuts may be picked for Requiem division, and may also appear in the random songs. They will not appear in Fantasy division.
  • All players are required to maintain proper sportsmanship. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
  • No high heels, boots, sandals, or otherwise potentially harmful footwear. In addition, no dangerous props and/or costumes, dress appropriately.
  • All ruleset details are tentative and may be changed at any time (up to the day of the tournament). Proper warning will be given for any major changes.

Live commentary stream will be airing here:
Behind the scenes & crowd streaming will be here:

Much thanks to tournament organizer Prince_David!


“RHYTHMCORE Pump it Up tournament was a huge success for us here at Round 1 Broadway Mall. This was a tournament run by a team comprised of all first time tournament organizers yet it still ran pretty smoothly. We had a total of 29 participants in the Requiem upper tier division as well as 13 in Fantasy lower tier. Below are the results form the tournament” says David


  1. Chelly & Paranoia Boy
  2. Phil
  3. Critical Fantasy

Lower Tier Technical Division

  1. Chelly
  2. Sugarush
  3. Goku

Requiem Higher Tier Technical Division

  2. Krispy
  3. Paranoia Boy

Good luck to all players!

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