Event: SUPER Extra Exclusive ~WORLD DDR TOURNAMENT~ in Tokyo, Japan – 1/26

Over the weekend of January 25th, the 8th KAC will take place at the Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) with the Dance Dance Revolution exhibition taking place on Sunday. Much like last year, while highly skilled DDR players from around the world planed to gather to support the finalists, Hudson “KAZE.573” Felker organized a full blown 32 player DDR tournament. This year, on Saturday, January 26th, with the help of Lily, DDR players from around the world will be able to compete again in SUPER Extra Exclusive. A world DDR tournament at the Eternal Amusement Tower in Akihabara Japan not only in an intense 32 player bracket with a top 4 round robin finale, but also in a Gauntlet style Doubles tournament.

Follow this link for the event page and details!

In addition, SUPER Extra Exclusive will offer more merchandise including hoodies and towels for those able to attend (with remaining merchandise available for sale on a later date). A message from Hudson Felker and details on the event are listed below!

Dear All DDR Players:

The 8th KAC qualifying round has concluded, the rules have been announced, and players from all around the globe are anticipating the big event on Sunday, January 27th at the JAEPO convention in Japan. However, The Konami Arcade Championships only allow a handful of players to compete, and while many have already secured their travel plans to visit Japan to cheer on their friends and show support, tradition would dictate that another event will be shaking Tokyo to its core…

SUPER. Extra. Exclusive!

A REAL tournament, where the greatest DDR players of the world can duke it out in the heart of Japan!

On Saturday, the day before KAC, we will be holding a 32 player single and double elimination Singles tournament AND gauntlet-style Doubles tournament at Eternal Amusement Tower in Akihabara.
We will be renting the 8th floor of the building (for real this time!) where we will have an entire floor dedicated to a DDR A white cabinet to run and stream the event! There will be PLENTY of leg room!

Eternal Amusement Tower, Akihabara – 8th Floor

Saturday, January 26th @ 11AM



The top 32 overall rankers for The 8th KAC qualifying period will get a free bye into the tournament for their respective slots. As a handful of these players will not be attending or competing in this event, the remaining bottom slots will be available for players to compete for via a qualifying set to be submitted prior to the event.


A qualifying set will be used to determine who will fill remaining seeds in the top 32. The cutoff for submitting scores will be January 20th. Simply take a photo of your set and post here or Tweet your photo with the hashtag #extraexclusive2019 by the cutoff date.
All players are encouraged to submit qualifying scores!

Qualifier songs:

・S!ck ESP Lv16
・PARANOiA-Respect- ESP Lv16

Play a set that includes these 2 songs. Your set may be played in any order, and you can replay any song within that set. If you get Extra Stage, you are welcome to replay any of the songs once more. The higher of each of the 2 songs’ scores will be counted. Take a photo of the grand results screen for your set. As such, machine score will be used.


The Doubles division will be a gauntlet-style tournament.
All players will play the same song(s), with the highest scores moving further in the tournament.
The first round will act as a qualifier to make Top 8.
The top 4 scores of Top 8 will make Top 4.
The top 2 scores of Top 4 will make the Grand Finals.
Grand Finals will be best 2 out of 3.


Seeding will be determined by a qualifier played on the day of the event, on the 4th Floor of Eternal Amusement Tower on the red DDR Ace cabinet. There will be no entry fee for the Doubles event, but players must pay their own game to qualify. The qualifying period will be from 11AM until the Singles tournament finishes. Your qualifer score must be witnessed by a Tournament Organizer, and you must inform the T.O. in advance that the song you will play will be counted as your qualifying score. You are free to play the qualifying song during any of your sets throughout the day, but only your official score will be counted towards qualifying.

There is no limit to the number of players who wish to qualify.

*The qualifier will be decided via EX score.

Qualifier song:

・Trigger EDP Lv16


The top 8 scores of the qualifier will enter the first round.

Good luck to all participants!

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