Everyone is Punk Drunk(er)

Everyone is Punk Drunk(er)

Sometimes it’s cool to be uncool. Some of the most remarkable people of all time have classified their childhood and adolescence self as being “uncool”, “different” or just plain “weird.” Ironically, the people we may have thought were so far from being cool that it was saddening, were actually living in the future —of fashion.

“Dasai wa kakkoii” —uncool is cool— is the motto behind the beloved fashion brand Punk Drunk. Founded in 1998 by Japanese fashion designer Chikayoshi Satomi, Punk Drunker specializes in transforming the stereotypical “uncool” or “unpopular trends into fashion statements that upon further ocular inspection actually are pretty awesome. 

Synonymous with “Dasai wa kakkoii”, Punk Drunker’s most known character “Aitsu” —him or that guy— is an awkward-looking figure, however, he looks the most awesome on a Punk Drunker T-Shirt!

I am always enamored with fashion designs, especially the inspiration behind them. According to Punk Drunker’s Chikayoshi Satomi “I often come up with catchy names or words first and draw on them for designs. Collaborating with others helps, too. I also have a stockpile of illustrations, which I sometimes go through and pick for new T-shirt designs.”

Punk Drunkers is a quirky fashion lover’s dream, producing comic-like pictorial images on T-Shirts, loose-fitting long shorts, high socks, and eccentric sunglasses are just of the redefining aesthetics of Punk Drunker. Punk Drunker’s oxymoronic designs make ordinary exceptional and the fashionless stylish.

One of the boldest punk rock T-shirts I have seen is Punk Drunkers x Devilman. A simple colored shirt with a logo similar to the batman symbol, enclosing the name “devilman,” is one of Punk Drunker’s signature creations. Most likely derived from the Japanese manga series “Devilman”, Punk Drunker inserts otaku culture into the forefront of his brand. 

As a person who loves accessories, whenever a brand has add-ons available purchase I like that brand double. Spooky yet eye-grabbing, Punk Drunker’s Devilman clothing is one of the brand’s most popular features. Unlike many clothing lines, Punk Drunker x Devilman also comes with a matching sofubi toy. 

Punk Drunker sofubi toys are the heart of the brand

The basic concept of Punk Drunker is intersecting fun Japanese artistry with westernized culture. Similar to action figures in the United States, Punk Drunker’s sofubi toys are a staple within the Punk Drunker’s brand. 

Punk Drunker sofubi toys are crafted from authentic sketchbook drawings and graphics, differentiating Punk Drunker from your typical fashion line. Punk Drunker sofubi toys are adjacent to action figure toys in the United States.

Punk Drunker’s sofubi —soft vinyl— pieces are diversely designed, created by artists from around the globe, hence the supreme individuality of each toy. One of the most identifiable characteristics of the Punk Drunker brand is the Aitsu sofubi toy; showcased at the Parco Museum in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan in 2019 for Punk Drunker’s 20th-anniversary exhibition.

Most people who are a fan of Punk Drunker’s sofubi line are superfans of Punk Drunker’s devilman sofubi toy. A half-human, half-monster action figure that is the 3D version of the original devilman drawing is a must-have collectible. The Punk Drunker devilman.

Punk Drunker creates a Toyland at the PDS convict play studio

Punk Drunker’s, a.k.a PDS also displays their renowned toys at their Punk Drunkers Convict Play Studio.  The Conflict Play Studio is practically the toy museum seen in the dreams of comic lovers and action toy enthusiasts. 

In an article written in The Japan Times, Chikayoshi Satomi has said his fans are, “People who want things a little different, a little quirky.” This summarizes the essence of Punk Drunker. No two pieces are exactly alike when you’re shopping at Punk Drunker, despite the continuation of certain themes within the brand. 

Punk Drunker is a fun brand that incorporates childhood favorites like comic-like illustrations on backpacks; clothing, cartoon hook wallets, high socks, and overalls to signify that what may be classified as geekish during adolescence is actually trendsetting in the making. 

There are many Punk Drunker sofubi toys that are considered collectibles, and some can be purchased on various shopping websites. Punk Drunker has recently launched their Summer collection which includes some brand new things. According to the Punk Drunker website, The long-awaited “Kamen Rider Amazon” JKT and the currently on-air “Kamen Rider Zero One” TEE and Ron TEE are in stock! 

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Hawk’s Claw HEAD SHOP that sells  Punk Drunker clothing is closed, however, you can still purchase from Hawk’s Claw online! You can still get your Punk Drunk(er) on!

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