Everyone Is Obsessed With VTuber Feet, for Some Reason

VTuber Aki Rosenthal's feet

If you were on Twitter at any point yesterday, then you may have noticed a weird trend: various VTubers posting pictures of their virtual feet. This culminated in the hashtag #Vtuberの靴が見たい (I want to see VTubers’ shoes) becoming a top trend on Japanese Twitter, fueled by responses from personalities all around the world. The reasons why are obvious… or not?

Figuring out who started this VTuber feet trend is almost impossible, given the sheer amount of tweets that have been made since it started. Nevertheless, we can say with confidence that it’s not just a Japanese phenomenon: plenty of foreign language virtual YouTubers have jumped on the bandwagon, showing off their unique designs. Yet, our focus will be on Hololive: one of the biggest VTuber agencies in Japan and, indeed, the world.

According to my research, fifth generation talent Momosuzu Nene was the first Hololive VTuber to post a picture of her feet, at 9:46 a.m. She was then followed by Mori Calliope, Ninomae Ina’nis, Shirogane Noel, and Ayunda Risa at 12 p.m., alongside others.

Ina’s contribution was probably the most unique, given that her foot isn’t actually an, um, foot.

I’ll admit that this is a bit of a weird topic, but it does speak to an important point: most of the time, VTubers stream from the shoulders up, meaning that their full character designs are almost never really on display. The only exception is when big agencies such as Hololive and Nijisanji give their personalities full 3D models, but most creators don’t get this opportunity.

This trend therefore offers fans a rare chance to truly take in all angles of their favorite VTubers’ designs, starting at the bottom. And yes: people do just like feet, for some reason.

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