Everything Gets a Whole Lot Bigger in New Pokémon Sword & Shield Trailer

Everything Gets a Whole Lot Bigger in New Pokémon Sword & Shield Trailer

After the latest Nintendo Direct, focusing solely on the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield games, the one word left on my mind is “big”. Everything about the newest iteration has been scaled up for an impressive home console release on the Switch. The fifteen-minute direct revealed the new cover legendaries, several new creatures, the “Dynamax” feature, and some of the characters that we would be meeting on our journey.

The new legendary Pokémon are Zacian (for Pokémon Sword) and Zamazenta (for Pokémon Shield). In the introductory CG trailer, it was initially inferred that they were enemies until they team up to defend against a mysterious oncoming threat. Due to the games’ logos, many were expecting sword and shield-based wolves, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this literal. Both the Dark Souls and Tales of Twitter accounts chimed in to show their appreciation for wolves holding swords in their mouths. (Both Dark Souls and Tales of Vesperia feature wolves with swords).

We were also given a first look at some of the other Pokémon we would find in the Galar Region. This included the grass types, Gossifleur, and its evolution Eldegoss, the massive steel bird Corviknight, the large-jawed Drednaw, and the immediately popular sheep Wooloo.

But the most surprising announcement was the Dynamax feature which allows players to have one Pokémon grow to a massive size for three turns. During these turns, the Pokémon will be able to launch powerful attacks. However, this feature is only available during certain situations like gym battles. The game will also have the player team up online to take down wild Dynamax Pokemon in raids.

These raids take place in the “Wild Area”, a large open world location on the map that changes over time. In it, you can find many different types of Pokémon roaming the map. You can also explore with camera controls for the first time in the main series. Since Pokémon Home won’t be launching until 2020, this will be the only way to find some rare Pokémon from other regions.

Personally, this is all I really needed to see from the game. There will likely be other trailers that reveal more features and creatures, but this first proper look at the Galar region and its people is the perfect introduction. For those interested in checking it out, further information is available via the title’s official website.

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