EXILE NAOTO Teams Up With FISHBOY and D.LEAGUE’s CyberAgent Legit for Jujutsu Kaisen Dance Routine Video


OTAQUEST parent company LDH JAPAN is home to a good majority of the top male music groups in Japan, such as EXILE, J SOUL BROTHERS III, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE, THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, and FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE.

Over the weekend EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS III member EXILE NAOTO uploaded a video to his Honest TV YouTube Channel featuring him dancing with his long-time friend FISHBOY and D.LEAGUE participant team CyberAgent Legit to the ending theme of Jujutsu Kaisen, ‘LOST IN PARADISE’ by ALI feat. Aklo.


CyberAgent Legit is a professional dance team that is currently participating in the first-ever D.LEAGUE dance competition in Japan. If you’re unfamiliar with D.LEAGUE, here is a bit of information about it:

While expecting the growth potential of future dance market, it will develop and promote Japanese street dance, discover professional street dancers, create new value in art, sports and business and build a new world centering on dancers! D.LEAGUE establishes a ‘NEW STANDARD’ for everyone to enjoy dancing. Similar to art and culture’s development trend, it will bring a new ‘life with dance’ to everyone in the world.

With avex Inc., KOSÉ Corporation, CyberAgent, Inc., SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS inc., SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD., FULLCAST HOLDINGS CO., LTD., Benefit One Inc. and USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd. (in the order of Japanese syllabary) as team owners, a total of 8 teams will compete in the regular season of 12 rounds starting from January 10, 2021 (Sun.).

D LEAGUE Dance Competition logo

In the Jujutsu Kaisen dance video with EXILE NAOTO, you can see just how talented not only EXILE NAOTO is, but each of the dancers involved with the video. Their energy and rhythm really bring a sense of life to the song.

EXILE NAOTO is no stranger to dancing to popular songs that come out in Japan either, as last October he also did a solo dance for his YouTube channel to YOASOBI’s ‘Racing into the Night’.

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