Fairies Blends Bubblegum and 808s On ‘Tell Me How You Feel’

Fairies Blends Bubblegum and 808s On 'Tell Me How You Feel'

Fairies are changing up their sound a bit for their latest single ‘Tell Me How You Feel’. The avex group has stuck to more conventional J-Pop, and even K-Pop, pop sounds up until this point, though there’s been hints of trance and Eurobeat here and there. For their newest release, it sounds like somebody bought them an old 808s Machine because the bassline on this one is kind of unreal. I can’t stop listening to it. No big kicks either; Fairies just really did a J-Pop routine over a low, constant series of 808 style wobbles and it rules.

In classic Japanese record label fashion, the Fairies video above a ‘short version’ so you can only hear an anime opening length cut of the song. The first few seconds of the track introduce some digital instrumental bits and scraps for color, but after the bass comes in at the thirteen-second mark the track goes off. The vocals on this one are definitely reminiscent of K-Pop and ‘girl group’ deliver more than anything else, but they’re definitely serviceable. There’s an additional synth line during the chorus that helps with the heavy lifting, imparting a real ear-worm quality to the track.

Active since 2011, Fairies has only put out two albums thus far with the most recent being ‘Jukebox’ from last year. They’re housed on the Sonic Groove sub-label on avex, which makes them cousins with recent internet sensation DA PUMP. The group has yet to become as big as other Avex artists are known to be despite putting in years of work, but with this change in sound, they might be able to reach a new audience who might have not been interested otherwise.


Tell Me How To Feel’ is a track off Fairies’ Metropolis’ single which comes out in about a week. I’m itching to hear what the rest will sound like.

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