FAKKU! and PARK Harajuku Collaborate for Anime Expo Exclusive Merch

FAKKU! and PARK Harajuku Collaborate for Anime Expo Exclusive Merch

It’s been quite a few months at this point since PARK Harajuku started stocking FAKKU! goods in-store, and I’d say their partnership has been nothing but positive since. Of the many things that PARK Harajuku stocks from FAKKU!’s ever-expanding merchandise catalog, it’s a no-brainer that they’re on top of the hentai publisher’s latest skateboard drops. For Anime Expo 2019, however, PARK Harajuku is getting in with their own collaborative skateboard, calling on the boutique’s own Tanaka Mugi to handle the design.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, but this piece looks absolutely amazing. I’ve never diced my praise for Tanaka Mugi in the past, and her take on a FAKKU!-fitting character is so spot on. From the hamburger to the stylings, it’s a total look that only Tanaka Mugi could pen down so perfectly.

For a brand best known as the premier publisher of Hentai in North America, FAKKU!’s design team usually kills it, somehow pulling off clean-yet-erotic designs on every piece of merch they push. It’s no surprise that Anime Expo is absolutely wild for them, and it’ll be interesting to see just how this year’s crowd takes on Mugi’s signature look.

Set to be made available at FAKKU!’s both during Anime Expo 2019, those interested in picking one of these boards out will have to be quick — stock usually doesn’t last long, and this piece slaps enough to warrant a speedy sell-out. For those interested in more, be sure to check out PARK Harajuku’s official website.

FAKKU!, PARK Harajuku
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