Famitsu Interview With Tetsuya Nomura Gathers Various Final Fantasy VII News 

Famitsu, Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the world of video games, just like with anime, it seems like everything old is new again. For example, take Final Fantasy VII, which is returning with stuff that didn’t exist in 1997. Square Enix‘s ‘new’ FFVII will include the PS5 game Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, but also the smartphone games The First Soldier and Ever Crisis.

To learn more about these updates, video game magazine Famitsu interviewed FFVII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura. Here’s some of what they talked about:

  • It seems that Sonon, a new character in Intergrade, can pair up in battle with Yuffie. Sonon will have a more independent fighting mode and a ‘linkage mode,’ where he follows Yuffie’s instructions. Sonon has a military-style appearance.
  • Although the ‘Yuffie Episode’ is technically a DLC upgrade to FFVII Remake, they don’t plan any additional downloadable content in the future.
  • Yuffie always was a materia hunter, so her episode will have new materia and summons.
  • The First Soldier will be a battle-royale game. It’s definitely something new and different for FFVII, but it may have crossover appeal. The game will also have a job system. It also sounds like Nomura leaned heavily on producer Shoichi Ichikawa for his battle game experience.
  • They will do a closed beta test of The First Soldier.
  • Ever Crisis will be divided up into chapters, and you can get the chapters for free. However, some weapons will be available in ‘gacha’ form. In addition to story mode, there will be non-canon dungeon battles, where players can create ‘dream teams.’
  • Ever Crisis will include new stories which fit into canon, but not seen in the main game. The game will also feature new music, but based on the original FFVII music.
Famitsu, Square Enix
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