Listen Flavor’s New Fashion Collection Inspires Rebirth in 2021


One of Harajuku’s fashion staples for years, LISTEN FLAVOR, prides themselves on being the go-to brand for girls looking to be a cultivated mix of new-age goth cool and pop-diva cute. They’ve also never been hesitant to collaborate with admired anime IPs, from Creamy Mami to Madoka Magica, and since opening their shop to international fashionistas back in 2018, the hype around the Tokyo brand has only continued to grow.

After the absolute dumpster fire that was 2020, the question was: what would a 2021 collection bring? Could inspiration even be found in a world of lockdowns, quarantine, and increased solitude? As it turns out, it served as the perfect springboard for LISTEN FLAVOR‘s Spring & Summer Collection.

According to the brand’s website, this collection has a rather unique and thought-invoking theme.

‘Is this world a dream to last forever? Or is reality something fleeting?

Whichever path you decide to follow, the door you’ll find at the end of the road will lead you to a new world of your very own.’

It sounds like LISTEN FLAVOR is asking fashion-lovers to throw away the depression and hardship they’ve been buried by over the past year, and instead, carve out a future much brighter than the recent past. How to do that? With some incredible head-turning head-to-toe styles. Pay attention to how even the darkest pieces keep a little feminine bling.

Model Kurumi Toa gives us two distinct looks: one, a delinquent school-girl ensnared in barbed-wire style, the other a girl you’d take home to your parents, adorned in summer strawberries.

Badass meets feminine, as model Kanau Aoi gives us two garments conveying hardcore badassery and femininity. We’re inspired to dress up and go out on the town after being inside for what seems like an eternity.

No one needs permission to be their own hero, and Yamu gives us the vibe we’ve been looking for during the pandemic: ferocity. We’ll make it through this year, and dressing like a rebel certainly won’t hurt.

Pieces from the new collection can be purchased on the official LISTEN FLAVOR website, which offers a link to Tenso for overseas shipping support. Be sure to double-check the size charts before ordering pieces for the new road you’re walking.

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