Fate/EXTRA Rolls Out Celebratory Gift Box Complete with Exclusive Tamagotchi

Fate/EXTRA Rolls Out Celebratory Gift Box

Ever since TYPE-MOON announced Fate/EXTRA’s tenth anniversary, the famed company has been doing everything it can to let the world know it. One notable example was the countdown to the awaited date of July 22, 2020, with the trailer for Fate/EXTRA’s remake, Fate/EXTRA Record, uploaded onto the Internet practically when the clock struck midnight. Now, TYPE-MOON is celebrating once more with their new and upcoming commemorative box set containing swag for Fate/EXTRA fans.

The box will contain copies of the Fate/EXTRA sequels Fate/EXTELLA and Fate/EXTELLA LINK for either the Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4, depending on the purchase. There will also be artwork by character designer Wada Arco in the form of a special framed illustration, featuring the Saber Nero alongside the Caster Tamamo no Mae. And this being Fate we’re talking about here, there are special download codes to unlock a variety of different costumes for Nero, Tamamao no Mae, and Alterna in both Fate/EXTELLA and Fate/EXTELLA: LINK.

But the real cherry on top of it all has to be the special Tamagotchi that comes with the deal. The appropriately titled EXTELLAgotchi showcases a variety of Fate/EXTRA characters and their respective classes. Eight classes and 15 servants have been featured thus far and more are said to be on the way. With an EXTELLAtchi, you can feed your servant a variety of snacks and train them to defeat your enemies. Treat them good to turn them into strong servants. Treat them poorly, and they will leave and be replaced by an entirely different servant.

The price of this box comes down to ¥19,800, or roughly a little under $200, and is expected to be released on February 11 of next year. Pre-orders can be right now made on Amazon Japan, albeit at a higher price.

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