Fate/Grand Order: Camelot Films to be Directed by Top FLCL Progressive Directors

Fate/Grand Order: Camelot Films to be Directed by Top FLCL Progressive Directors

Aniplex is continuing its world domination with Fate/Grand Order. Even as we entered AnimeJapan, the event logo was coupled with Fate/GO, making us feel like we were walking around a Fate event. In fact, with the heavy presence of all things Fate this year, that isn’t too far from the truth. But it’s difficult to be cynical about all of this when all the new Fate series anime is looking so great.

Earlier this year, Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel – lost butterfly showed us the best Ufotable production yet with some jaw-dropping action. And now we’re looking towards the Cloverworks TV anime series Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia and the upcoming Fate/Grand Order: Camelot films and hoping that they can impress in the same way.

Today, we were given more details on what these films actually entail. Whilst we had an idea of what Babylonia was going to be like (and with this new trailer, we can see what it looks like), the Camelot films were still a bit of a mystery. These will be two films, produced at IG Port studios, Signal.M.D and Production IG itself. Both films will be directed by young talents involved with FLCL Progressive, Kei Suezawa and Kazuto Arai respectively. Both of these directors are talented animators and will likely push these productions to be the best they possibly can be.

We’re looking forward to finding out more about all of the possible Fate anime being released in the future and they’ve taken great steps to ensure that these projects have great directors at the helm. The Fate/Grand Order: Camelot films will release in 2020.

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