[Photo Report] The ‘Fate’ Universe ufotable Cafe in Nagoya

As an anime studio, ufotable has achieved a reputation for being able to produce some seriously impressive-looking animation. They’ve been the home of many mainline Fate universe (or the Type-Moon verse, or the Nasuverse) anime adaptations since the brilliance that was Fate/Zero in 2011. They’ve also made a name for themselves through some really cool efforts to connect with their fans, a famous example being the “ufotable Cafes,” where they promote their newest properties with genuinely tasty food and drink options.

Currently, the theme at the ufotable Cafe is a double dose of Fate — you’ll be able to find menu items from both Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower and Today’s Menu for Emiya Family, as well as a dining room positively decked out in related decorations and merch. I recently had a chance to hit up the ufotable Cafe in Nagoya, so please follow me on this delightful little culinary adventure.
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One of the first sights to greet visitors are the large Fate/ series posters hanging on the wall.

The upholstery on the booths is an incredible-looking ‘Fate’ manga pattern.

The view from our table — large cutouts of two very good girls included.

We decided to get up and take a look around the space before our food arrived. Rin’s necklace was the real deal!

Adorable Assassin


The boys are back in town.

I don’t know which is making me sweat more, the mabo tofu or Kirei…

Production materials from Today’s Menu for Emiya Family, as well as the assorted coasters you can collect by ordering various drinks at the cafe.

Returning to the table, it was time to inspect the wares!

But first, a quick turn around to more closely inspect the booth. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the interior decoration.

Sakura, thank you.

Oh, it just so happened that we were celebrating this special lady’s birthday too!

A limited-time display was set up, and Rin’s birthday dessert was temporarily added to the menu.

The first drink arrived! This was Illya’s themed drink from Today’s Menu for Emiya Family — a grape juice and yogurt mix

Next up — a handsome cup of tea.

Sometimes, collaborative cafe menu items only look pretty, and don’t taste up to snuff. My experience at the ufotable Cafe was not as such. Everything I sampled was insanely delicious.

The main course — the exact toshikoshi soba from episode 1 of Today’s Menu for Emiya Family!

After dinner I ordered a “The Third Battle” drink from Heaven’s Feel.

Mix it up, and it turns black. I really wanted to keep the red, light-up cube…

Each entree comes with a random placemat.

Before leaving, it was of course necessary to check out the gift shop area. It not only stocks the items from the current promotion, but also those from the cafe’s past themes.

Of course, feel free to contribute to the signbooks!

Or to the special message board.

Thanks for joining us!

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