Fender Announces Limited Edition Asuka Guitar Picks

Fender x EVANGELION Asuka picks

A little while back, around the time that all the EVANGELION collaborations were starting to pick up, legendary guitar manufacturer Fender announced that they would be producing a limited number of Asuka Themed Telecaster guitars. With the Telecaster being one of the most premier guitars in the world, it only seemed fitting that Fender would collaborate with one of the most popular anime series of all time. Today, the guitar manufacture took to the internet to announce that they will also be making Asuka themed guitar picks as well. If you were one of the lucky (and rich) people who picked up one of the Asuka Telecaster guitars, now you can get your hands on some limited edition guitar picks to match your new Telecaster guitar.

Fender Asuka Guitar Pick

The Asuka themed guitar picks are really a thing of beauty. The colors blend so perfectly, just as they do on the Telecaster guitars that they put out last year. Coming in a set of three, there are three different designs that are part of the package. The first design is is a green, red, black gradient reminiscent of Asuka’s EVANGELION as well as her Plug Suit with the NERV logo on the back. Then there is another pick that is an orange to red gradient that has black stripes on the corners of the pick with the Eva Unit02 Logo on the back. Last, there is a pick that has Asuka showing us her back while she is holding the Telecaster guitar with the Fender logo on the back.

It goes to say that Fender put a lot of design work into the Telecaster guitar, and even in something so simple as the guitar picks. If you’re a fan of EVA or guitars, this pack is going to be something that you want to have in your collection. The guitar picks release on 22 January 2021 and will retail for ¥1,500.

Fender, Khara
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