Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I, II, III Set to Launch This July


During E3 this year, SQUARE ENIX announced that they would be giving new life to the older Final Fantasy games in the breath of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Today, we learned that the first three titles, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I, II, and III, will be hitting Steam, iOS, and Android on 28 July 2021.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster gives us the opportunity to travel back in time, starting with 1987 when Hironobu Sakaguchi and team released the first Final Fantasy title. The game was a massive hit and saved not only Sakaguchi himself from a less than favorable outcome, but it also saved SQUARE ENIX (then Square) because if the game didn’t succeed, we likely would have a completely different game industry than we do now.

Pixel Remaster Final Fantasy I

On 28 July 2021, we will also be seeing the Pixel Remaster release of Final Fantasy II that released in Japan in 1988 but didn’t see the light of day in North America until the PSP release of Final Fantasy ORIGINS in 2003. Last but not least, we’ll also be getting the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy III, another title that was released in Japan, but never saw a North American release until 2006, sixteen whole years after the original Japanese release.

Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster

Now that each of these titles is getting Pixel Remaster versions, the new generation of Final Fantasy fans and will-be fans can experience the roots of what could possibly be one of the best, if not the best, RPG series of all time. Not to mention, we still have Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster IV, V, VI coming later this year.

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