The Latest Final Fantasy Concert is Dedicated to the Series’ Most Iconic Game

The Latest Final Fantasy Concert is Dedicated to the Series’ Most Iconic Game

Square Enix RPGs are in some ways defined by their music, and because of that, a huge array of concerts all around the world have been held in celebration of these games and their music. We’ve reported on this site before about new Final Fantasy concerts whenever they get announced. They come around with startling regularity and are prominently advertised, as the most recently announced concert’s Harajuku Station advertising for the upcoming Bra Bra Final Fantasy concert would attest to. The concerts are always popular, and music from the series’ most iconic game always features prominently, and yet, despite that, there has never been a concert solely dedicated to the much-loved music of Final Fantasy VII… until now.

Square Enix has announced that they will be hosting a special concert in the United States dedicated exclusively to music from Final Fantasy VII, known as Final Fantasy VII – A Symphonic Reunion. While many of the concerts that Square Enix host are held exclusively in Japan, or will be a multi-destination touring concert hitting a variety of concerts, this one will be hosted exclusively in the United States. The concert is currently penciled in for June 9 of this year at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Perhaps this is fitting, as while the game still enjoys massive cultural resonance and significance even multiple decades later (as its recent rereleases on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC would prove), it’s hard to argue with the notion that the title remains most loved in the United States.

The company is going all out to ensure this concert is as good as possible as well. The conductor for the concert, while not someone who has worked directly on Final Fantasy games in the past, is Grammy Award-winning artist Arnie Roth, who has previously worked as Music Director, Producer, and Conductor for multiple previous Final Fantasy concerts, including Distant Worlds and Dear Friends. HD projection of iconic moments from the game will be displayed on massive screens within the venue as well in time to the music, which should amplify the music being performed by the over-100-member orchestra that will be performing.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale at 12 pm PDT over on Wildfaery, with tickets starting at a fittingly-priced $77.77. Even people who haven’t played Final Fantasy VII know about its most iconic moments and can appreciate its incredible soundtrack, making this concert a treat for fans regardless of their familiarity with the game.

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