Square Enix to open Final Fantasy VII Remake themed cafes in Tokyo and Osaka

In retribution for missing their initial release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix will be decking out their Square Enix Café restaurants in Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe décor as well as having exclusive menu items based on the game for fans and customers to order and share on their Instagram for their friends who will certainly be jealous that they’re not able to enjoy.

The Cafes are scheduled to open in Tokyo and Osaka in February as pop-up shops at the soon-to-be-open-currently-closed Tokyo location in Akihabara as well as the other one in Osaka, about a 2.5-hour shinkansen ride away and one at their ARTNIA location in Shinjuku if you’re one of those hardcore fans that just HAVE to go to all pop-ups.

Some of the exclusive menu items include character-themed meals as well as drinks such as the “Moogle Anman”, a steamed bun filled with sweet red bean, a Cloud themed drink or the Sephiroth themed drink complete with Buster Sword or the Masamune. FFVII fans know what those are already, for those of you that don’t, they’re the characters’ representative weapons. (The whole FFVII community is shaking its collective head for those that didn’t know what they were. BTW). Oh yeah, they also come with collectible coasters featuring images of the characters as well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Square Enix event without having some really, really cool limited goods, right? For those of you who will be visiting the pop-up shops, you’ll be in luck because there are some of just that. Really, really cool goods like a freaking SHINRA COMPANY MOUNTAIN JACKET, a METEOR MOUNTAIN JACKET, a SHINRA COMPANY SHOULDER BAG, a cool stamp set, and some iron-on patches will be available. There is also a ShinRa Electric Power Company Materia Candy complete with ShinRa tin case.


The Final Fantasy VII Remake cafes will be open in phases (just like the upcoming game) from Feb 8th to April 24th. Phase One of the café will be from Feb 8th to March 17th and Phase 2 will be from March 18th to April 24th. You can check out the official website for the café events here!

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