Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII Remake Plushies

Aerith plushie, Square Enix FFVII Remake Plushies

Final Fantasy VII was always one of the favored Final Fantasy games, and the recent Remake is giving gamers the chance to reunite with those fondly remembered characters. So naturally, Square Enix is coming out with plushie versions of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Barret.

Tifa, Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remake Plushies

Of course, these aren’t the first Final Fantasy VII plushies ever, as I vaguely remember seeing at least one Aerith cosplayer carrying around a Cloud plushie at a convention. But they are cute little buggers. The simple eyes kind of remind me of LegendaryFrog, an animator who posted a lot of Final Fantasy stuff on NewGrounds years ago.

Cloud, Final Fantasy VII Remake Plushies

All the photos show them sitting up, which makes me wonder if they are weighted somehow, like the Sitting Cuties from Pokémon.

In any case, Square Enix started taking pre-orders on Friday. The Cloud and Barret plushies will come out in July, while Aerith and Tifa fans will have to wait until September.

Barret, Final Fantasy VII Remake Plushies

These are small plushies: only about 136 grams (4.7 ounces). They’re about seven to eight inches tall. They’re also not the cheapest plushies, as Square Enix lists a pre-order price of 4,180 yen (tax included); or U.S. $38.35.

Aerith, Final Fantasy VII Remake Plushies

Here are the links for the Final Fantasy VII Remale plushies: Aerith Gainsborough here; Cloud Strife here; Tifa Lockhart here; and Barret Wallace here.

Square Enix; Tetsuya Nomura/ Roberto Ferrari
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