Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Before Launch

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Today, Square Enix released the last trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake prior to its release next week. The trailer is just under four and a half minutes long with a plethora of new content that we haven’t seen yet. It really makes you wonder how much of the game we haven’t seen leading up to the launch with all of these trailers and behind the scenes videos.

The trailer opens with Cloud and Aerith sitting on top of the ever-so-famous slide in the Midgar slums. You know, the infamous scene where Aerith tells Cloud where he reminds her of her first love. Also inside the trailer, we get to see Tseng, Reno, and Rufus. They show off the summons Ifrit and Shiva once again, as well as what one could only think as part of the end of the game. As you all know, Square Enix has announced that the game is just the first part of a series of titles with this first part ending where the team makes their escape from Midgar.

Personally, I have seen about the first seven hours of the game so far, and the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer has shown me more in the four minutes than I saw in all of the gameplay that I was able to see. It really is starting to make me think that this game is actually going to hit the forty-hour mark that Square Enix is saying that the game is going to be.

With the game only a week away, it is prime time for Square Enix to generate as much hype for the game as they can as if the game didn’t have enough hype already. This trailer has me thinking about just how long seven days are and makes me really wish that I lived in Australia so I could get my hands on the game today.

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