Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier for Mobile

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Today must be some sort of special day for Final Fantasy fans, because Square Enix is going all out with the announcements surrounding Final Fantasy VII. First, they announced Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERGRADE during Sony‘s State of Play event, then they followed up with another announcement for Final Fantasy VII EVER CRISIS, and now we’re on the third announcement which is another mobile title: Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

The new mobile title takes place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII and shows the story about how Shinra is looking to further enhance their military prowess by starting something called Project 0.

The game is a battle royale style game but with a Final Fantasy twist: you can use magic, and other Final Fantasy-esque attacks while you’re in the midst of battle.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be releasing on iOS and Android sometime in 2021 worldwide. Square Enix has not really said much about the title, and I am kind of interested in seeing how it plays compared to some of the other battle royale titles that are available on mobile.

Square Enix
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