Final Fantasy XIV Players Are Paying Their Respects to Kentaro Miura

Players gather in Limsa Lominsa, on Kujata.

After the difficult news of Kentaro Miura‘s passing at the young age of fifty-four, the Final Fantasy XIV community is honoring the late creator in the virtual world.

Social media has been flooded by images of players gathering in the streets of Eorzea, many adorned in Dark Knight garb as an homage to the protagonist of the Berserk series, Guts.

While not directly working in the game industry, Miura’s designs have proved a massive influence to several popular works over the years, from Dark Souls to Castlevania.

The Final Fantasy XIV community is no stranger to acts of heartfelt goodwill. In 2017, players organized to donate to blood drives, while in 2020, European players banded together to fight cancer. After the loss of a fellow player from COVID-19, an online funeral was held in April of last year, with hundreds logging on simultaneously to pay their respects to a member of the FFXIV family.

The Dark Knight class has gained a bit of added meaning. While the Berserk series may have been left unfinished, players are sure to seek out their own adventures, ready to follow in Guts’ footsteps.

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