Isabelle’s Trophy Duplication and Finding Your Own Fun in the World of Smash Bros.

Isabelle’s Trophy Duplication and Finding Your Own Fun in the World of Smash Bros.

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to find in the darkest of nightmares. On one side, there’s you. On the other, a swarm of thirty-or-so Waluigi’s are charging towards you with a deafening howl. Your character disappears under the sheer purple pandemonium going on on the screen and you can’t help but laugh. Or cry. Probably the latter. Ultimately, that’s just the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Even in these first few weeks since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dropped onto store shelves (and promptly left them) the community has been taking great pleasure in finding their own fun with the title in both expected and unexpected ways, whether that’s through simply competing with others or playing through the expansive World of Light campaign, creating fun scenarios in the camera mode, in the case of this nightmare scenario I spoke of above, broke the game.

In the case of Waluigi hell, it can actually occur with any assist trophy as long as there are only 2 Isabelle fighters in a match. If both players try to use the character’s fishing rod to obtain an Assist Trophy at the same time, it has the potential to duplicate indefinitely… leading to the inevitable chaos that ensues. With the specific conditions for the glitch, it’s not been found to be causing issues in a competitive environment and is admittedly pretty fun to watch.

While this may be an unintended type of fun that players are indulging in, there are many examples of players using the in-game camera mode and a variety of items to create a huge variety of fun scenarios.

Such as the romantic relationship between Peach and Zelda.

Or using spicy meals and the flustered facial expressions that come with their consumption to place a variety of characters in embarrassing situations.

Then, of course, there’s the fan-art that spans outside the constraints of the game, inspired by the sheer absurdity of the collaborations and the fun that can be had from imagining these characters interacting with each other.

Of course, people do also use the game to, you know, play it as well. The competitive scene has only had two weeks to experiment with the game for themselves, so it would be difficult to argue that a defined meta and accurate tier list describing which fighters are the best could be given so early into the game’s life (especially since the game has already been patched with balance changes since launch).

This can be seen especially in the range of winning fighters for the various Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitive tournaments that have been held so far. We’ve had expected winners like Fox but we also had a grand final for Don’t Park on the Grass which saw Snake reign victorious over Pikachu. Captain Olimar and his Pikmin were even able to reign supreme in tournaments so far. At this point, it would be difficult to decide who is the best fighter in the game while so many are still trying to understand the large roster on offer.

This newest Smash Bros. title has been in the wilderness for just two weeks at this point and fans have thoroughly been enjoying the opportunity to experiment. Director Masahiro Sakurai stated in Famitsu following the game’s launch that there was no correct way to play his game, and while tormenting your opponent’s inner soul by subjecting them to an onslaught of Waluigi trophies may be a cruel way to experience it, between the glitches, the camera mode, the fan art and the fighting, this statement is definitely holding true for the many people playing it.

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