Fist of the North Star’s Mr. Heart to Become Virtual YouTuber

The internet allows us to do many things. We can form connections over oceans, share information without borders, and even create whole new identities for ourselves – the latter of which is something most emblemized by the recent Virtual YouTuber trend, which still marches forward with full force in Japan. The power of the internet even allows fictional characters to become real moving entities, and although we’ve seen the likes of Super Sonico make their debuts as Virtual YouTubers, we’ve yet to see someone as iconic as Mr. Heart be immortalized as a Virtual YouTuber – that is, until now.

As part of the 35th anniversary celebrations of the legendary shonen series Fist of the North Star, the iconic Mr. Heart – who screamed “Hidebu!!!” as he exploded – will be making his debut as a Virtual YouTuber; a move that brings an iconic character of popular internet culture to the already lively Virtual YouTuber circuit.

While one might expect that the role of Mr. Heart would already be chosen ahead of the announcement, the voice of the character is actually open to the public. Applications are being held from now until September 17 through an online form, where I’m sure that after vetting the entrants’ applications, those selected will be tasked with actually showing off their motion capture ability. No previous experience is required, just that applicant can ‘capture’ the iconic voice and motions of Mr. Heart.

While these conditions may seem tough considering how iconic the character’s voice and manner is in his original incarnation in the Fist of the North Star TV anime, with how popular the character is in Japanese popular culture, I’m sure there’s more than a few people who’ll be able to pull off a convincing enough performance. If all goes well, then expect to see Mr. Heart joining the internet as a Virtual YouTuber come November.

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