F*Kaori Tapped for Adorable New Line of Promare Goods

f*kaori x PROMARE Collabortive Goods On The Way

The illustrious Studio TRIGGER has been kicking all sorts of ass with their first feature-length film Promare. It’s been critically acclaimed by many, perhaps most importantly ourselves, and is set to hit North American theaters next month. With people calling it TRIGGER’s best work to date, fans across the globe are reasonably pretty excited. So with all this hype surrounding the film, it only makes sense for Studio TRIGGER to team up with one of Japan’s most in-demand indie illustrator, F*Kaori, right? While details remain slim, it’s been officially announced that both Studio TRIGGER and F*Kaori are teaming up on a limited line of Promare goods for Aniplex Plus in the near future. Check out the preview below:

Speaking broadly, F*Kaori has two essential qualities that make her work stand out; number one, she can make anything cute. The renowned illustrator has been called to work on Pokémon goods multiple times, and while it’s not hard to make pocket monsters cute, she’s done the same with her independent work. Second, she has a clear eye for color and design. Whether she’s going for cute or doing something different from her usual style, it’s not just the illustrations that pop but their aesthetic packaging.

Studio TRIGGER is also known for their style and ability to make their work visually stand out from other anime. Bringing F*Kaori aboard for a collaboration is a little unexpected, but it totally makes sense when you think about it. I love the colors and the shapes used in the preview image and her take on Studio TRIGGER’s already unique designs are adorable. While we’re unsure what exact goods are coming in the line, and if this is the only illustration that was made or not, they’re guaranteed to be cool.

The F*Kaori and Promare goods are coming to Aniplex+ soon.

f*kaori / Studio Trigger / Aniplex
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