F*Kaori Drops New “Urusei Yatsura” Collaborative Merch via Natalie Store

F*Kaori Urusei Yatsura Natalie

I mentioned during yesterday’s write-up about Rumiko Takahashi’s upcoming series that there’s been a total resurgence in interest towards her various properties both domestically and internationally. While this is partly because Rumiko’s works are generally timeless, it can largely be attributed to the actual aesthetics of her works, and more specifically, how well they fit into modern fashion and design sensibilities. One person who recognizes and masters this fact is F*Kaori, a Tokyo-based illustrator whose 80’s-inspired art style clearly pulls an inspiration or two from the pages of Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2 alike. So who better for Natalie to call on to piece together an all-new collaborative line of Urusei Yatsura goods than F*Kaori, officially being dubbed the “Urusei Yatsura – Retro & Pop Collection -.

Spread out across a number of different pieces, we see F*Kaori’s design sensibilities shine on a number of street-ready pieces that showcase the best aspects of Rumiko Takahashi’s original characters. With the weather reaching the single digits here in Japan, both sweaters and hoodies are a must. Thankfully for us, both are included in the collection, coming in with a number of different colorways and design variants that make no compromises when it comes to design. You’re also going to see a number of accessories in this collection, including iPhone cases, pouches, and pins.

Available now via Natalie Store, this collection is definitely not to be slept on, especially with the incredible designs that F*Kaori has put forward this time. Those interested in checking out even more, be sure to visit Natalie Store’s official website.

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