FLAGSTUFF Just Dropped a Killer New Dragon Ball Collection

FLAGSTUFF Just Dropped a Killer New Dragon Ball Collection

When it comes to brands that you should definitely be paying attention to for the ideal crossover of manga and fashion, FLAGSTUFF never disappoints. The Tokyo-based apparel brand consistently kills it on their collaborative designs, with a few standout pieces including their Video Girl AI collection from last year. Now the street apparel brand is back with their latest collaboration, this time teaming up with Akira Toriyama’s legendary Dragon Ball manga for a several-piece strong collection. Previewed below via their official Instagram account, this drop is definitely not to be slept on.

Available at BEAMS locations across Japan from June 7, and at regular locations from June 14, there’s absolutely a handful of pieces from this FLAGSTUFF x DRAGON BALL collection that I’ll need to get my hands on. If you’re familiar with FLAGSTUFF’s usual drops, the quality of all this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Much like their incredible Video Girl AI collection before this, which mind you did take some time to grow on me, FLAGSTUFF has knocked it out of the park on their panel choices here. Set to be made available across several colorways on each piece, it shouldn’t be too difficult to integrate a little Dragon Ball into whatever it is you’re wearing.

The bad news here, however, is that these are unfortunately set to be locked to Japan; with that being said, if you’re planning on coming to the country any time soon, these are definitely going to be worth looking into. Double down on that fact if you’ve got an appreciation for the rare Dragon Ball manga merch drop.

Available at BEAMS locations across Japan from today, those interested in checking out more on the FLAGSTUFF x DRAGON BALL collection, be sure to check out the brand’s official Instagram account.

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