[Report] Visiting the FLCL Exhibit in Shibuya, Tokyo

You might remember just yesterday we wrote about GraphersRock’s works that were set to be showcased at the FLCL exhibit in Shibuya from today; well, we came through on our promise and made our way out for a little bit of coverage. For those unfamiliar, the current exhibit aims to showcase a number of creatives who were inspired by FLCL to put their own spin on the property through a number of art pieces and merchandise. Sound familiar? That’d be because, similarly, both FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative is intended to share the next generation of animators with the world.

Hosted at the PARCO GALLERY X building in Shibuya, I’ve got nothing but praise for what they did to the venue. There’s a handful of exhibit spaces scattered throughout the backstreets of Tokyo, but if I had to choose any, this would have to be the most fitting for the vibe of FLCL. Adorning the wall was the large multi-colored character mural as seen in the article header, as both merchandise and artwork hung from the ceiling and walls around you.

Don’t let the concept of “Free Entry” fool you when it comes to this event, you’ll definitely be entering the building without issue, but there’s no chance you’ll leave without picking up a few things. There couldn’t have been a better lineup of creatives, with each and everyone really offering an incredibly unique look at the FLCL world. Everything felt as playful and colorful as it should, while still offering a sleek and genius design as you’d expect from a series like FLCL.


Scattered throughout were additionally lil tidbits of history for the series, as well as a number of different glances into what we can expect from both FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative. If you’re in the Shibuya area, I can’t recommend enough making your way over to the exhibition. For both fans of the series and individuals who just appreciate great design, there’s absolutely something for everyone here. You can find the full event information below:

FLCL Exhibition
Dates: April 4, 2018 – April 15, 2018
Location: Shibuya GALLERY X BY PARCO
Times: 11:00 – 20:00
Creators: ウエダハジメ, ​陽子, ​F*Kaori, ​GraphersRock, Jenny Kaori, NC帝國, ヌケメ, Utomaru
Entry: Free

You can find further information about FLCL via our full archive, here.

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