FNCY (Chinza DOPENESS, G.RINA, ZEN-LA-ROCK) Offer a Blast From the Past With Their Debut Full-Length Album FNCY


It’s easy to simply look towards the past and turn the sounds of yesteryear into a one-off goof. The trio of Chinza DOPENESS, G.RINA and ZEN-LA-ROCK got together in 2017 to record “SEVENTH HEAVEN”, a springy dance-pop number with rapping and splashes of New Jack Swing. Coupled with a video set in Seoul among neon lights and featuring awkward choreography, it was charming but could very easily have been a novelty.

“SEVENTH HEAVEN” got surprise traction online, so the three formed the group FNCY to continue exploring the retro-tinged sound, leading up to the release of their self-titled debut album this week. FNCY shows how to time travel musically while still creating fantastic pop that doesn’t play like the sonic equivalent of a Teddy Ruxpin. Listen below.

FNCY indulge in plenty of shiny dance-pop drawing from the sound of ‘80s Japan over the course of this release, including highlights such as “AOI Yoru” and “Konnya Wa.” Yet the three have correctly figured out that simply sticking to one dusty style and seeing how much you can milk out of it isn’t a winning formula. FNCY features a deep funk rumbler in the form of “Train,” sparse numbers bordering on vapor via “silky,” and easy-breezy Vocoder jams with “en.” It helps that FNCY has found just the right balance between each of the performers. Everyone in the group has played around with retro sounds in their solo careers, and together they find just the right balance together.

While the past serves as a foundation for FNCY, they don’t limit themselves over the course of the album, resulting in a set that never tires itself out and avoids sticking to one style too much. If looking back has burned you out recently, FNCY reminds there is still plenty of great things to find.

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