A Different Kind Of Anisong Party – Interview with HOME, SWEET HOME and Kappo DISCO DAIZO

music Eddie Lehecka

Baskin-Robbins Japan Announces New Pokémon Collaboration

food Corey Prasek

LOTTE’s New Collab With Evangelion Will Include an Entry Plug Gum Case

food Corey Prasek

Wagashi: The Cultural Significance of Japanese Traditional Sweets

food OTAQUEST Editors

McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Pikachu Happy Meal Sets

food Corey Prasek

Long Standing Japanese Winery Introduces Getter Robo Wine

food Corey Prasek

Whisky Mew Introduces a Pair of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Whiskies

food Corey Prasek

The Curious Case of Natto: Why This Japanese Side Dish Is So Polarizing

food William Moo

If It Exists, Collaborate With Demon Slayer: Pizza-La Collaboration Is on the Way

food Alicia Haddick

McDonalds Announces Electrifying Pikachu Sweets Lineup

food Corey Prasek

How Demon Slayer Saved the Dying Canned Coffee Industry

food Jacob Parker-Dalton

Is Your Favorite Hetalia Country on This International Anime-Themed Menu?

food James Fujita

Who Messed With the Whisky? Lupin III, Nikka and SCRAP Collide for Interactive Campaign

food Jacob Parker-Dalton

VTuber Group Nijisanji Collaborates With Bakauke Snacks for Tasty Goodness

food Corey Prasek

Zombieland Saga Gets Deliciously Ghoulish With New Cafe

food Jeremy Tauber

The Rose of Versailles Joins Classic Manga-Themed Curry Line

manga James Fujita

Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant May Have Closed and We’re Okay With That

other Carley Garcia

Kappo Disco Daizo – An Izakaya at the Edge of Culture

food Eddie Lehecka

UHA Gummies Announce Collaboration With Tetris

food Corey Prasek

G Fuel Energy and Sega Release Chili Dog Flavored Sanic the Hedgehog Energy Drinks

food William Moo
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