FORSOMEONE Flagship Store Opening This Weekend

FORSOMEONE Flagship Store Opening This Weekend

FORSOMEONE is a Japanese clothing brand that skews towards the high end. Launching just last year, FORSOMEONE has already built up quite the reputation with more than 10,000 people following their social media and enough of those people actually buying their clothing. With shirts costing anywhere from 20,000 yen (200 dollars) to 100,000 yen (1,000 dollars) and Jackets between 100,000 and 220,000, your clothing better be making waves and looking good enough to justify those prices. That all said, FORSOMEONE has clearly fit that criteria; Going from selling their clothing online and at select shops in just a year to opening a flagship store in the heart of Tokyo is a success story.


Opening in Higashiyama in Meguro-Ku, very close to the famous Naka-Meguro which known for their river that becomes a popular Sakura blossom viewing destination, FORSOMEONE’s definitely picked a good place to open shop. Lots of foot traffic, lots of people regularly visiting in that 18-34 age bracket where the particularly trendy minded would be willing to lay down the cash to buy their clothing. That said, no business venture is a guarantee but this seems like a pretty safe bet for the time being.

With no one set style, FORSOMEONE explores all kind of visual aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a new T-Shirt or Hoodie with some impressive graphic design, button-downs with very stand out prints, or are willing to burn the paper to get a new Jacket that really is going to set you apart in a crowd, FORSOMEONE has something for everybody willing to pay. Their designs are all striking, although I’m particularly fond of the aforementioned graphic tees more than anything else.

FORSOMEONE’s flagship store is opening near Naka-Meguro this weekend.

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