Sleep With a Princess with Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle FranceBed Collaboration

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle may have ended, but you can keep the show and its exhausted protagonist in your thoughts with a special bed collaboration inspired by the show from FranceBed!

A few months ago, we first spoke about FranceBed and the Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle anime coming together for a very fitting collaboration: a bed! I mean, if you have a show about a perpetually sleeping demon princess, it seems almost necessary to allow fans to express their love by sleeping in a bed themed on the series they love. At the time, we couldn’t see the bed itself or knew much about its price, but now we do!

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This Japan single-sized bed will certainly remind any visitors to your home that you’re a fan of the show. The frame is mostly plain and white, but the backboard of the bed is plastered with an image of our sleeping demon princess. She looks almost peaceful like that, and the manufacturers will certainly hope you sleep as well as she is on this bed and bed frame. A Zelt mattress is included with the bed, although this mattress is nowhere near as deep as the one pictured in the promotional material for the frame.

Which is a shame, since the bed isn’t cheap. Those looking to add this ultimate piece of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle merch to their home will be required to shell out a substantial 135,000 yen to FranceBed in order to acquire it. If you wish to have a thicker mattress that matches the image and buy that separately, the price will only skyrocket further.

Still, fans may not care if they love the show enough. This is the latest in a series of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle collaboration events that even included a YouTube show. If you wish to buy the bed, you can do so now from the FranceBed website.

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