First 5 ‘[email protected] Million Live’ Concerts Make Up Free Month-Long Streaming Event

First 5 ‘Idolm@ster Million Live’ Concerts Make Up Free Month-Long Streaming Event

With the number of companies and musicians that have resorted to live-streaming their concerts since the start of the pandemic, perhaps the most surprising omission has been Bandai Namco’s reluctance to stream [email protected] content online to help fans and and anyone bored in lockdown pass the time. Perhaps the reason for this decision is linked to the recent announcement of a free month-long event the company are putting on to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the [email protected] Million Live: Theater Days mobile title, featuring streaming of each of the first 5 concerts linked to the game.

June 29th will mark the 3rd anniversary of the free-to-play mobile game, with the game having quickly risen in popularity to be the most popular of the various mobile games in the long-running series. The [email protected] subseries features all of the original 13 765Pro idols alongside a further 39 performers, bringing the grand total to 52 idols.

For the various [email protected]: Million Live concerts that have occurred since the original title’s release in 2014 and continued through the release of the sequel in 2017, the voice actors behind the characters featured in the game have come together to perform in massive arenas around Japan for adoring fans. Starting on May 30th, the first 5 concerts for the game from 2014-2018 will be streamed in their entirety on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

It should be noted that although these [email protected] concerts will be streaming for free worldwide, these streams will only be available at the advertised date and time and will not be archived after their online premiere. In order to experience these concerts, you will need to watch them on the announced date and time. These livestreams account for all performances for each of the first 5 concert series, including every date on the 3rd live tour, providing a grand total of 16 concerts for your viewing pleasure entirely for free.

Each concert will be streamed from 2pm local time with the excepion of the weekday streams of the 3rd live and the first day of the 4th live, which each hold slightly later start times. Full details and links to each of the livestreams can be found over on the [email protected] official website.

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