Freezer Begins Teasing Latest Album ‘Can You Decorate’ ft. Kiichigo

Perhaps one of the earliest artists I ever stumbled upon in the Japanese hardcore scene, Freezer has always held a special place in my musical interests. In 2013 while digging online I happened upon their hyperactive Jcore remix of the theme song for “The Pet Girl of Sakurasou,” an anime I was extremely fond of back then, and instantly fell in love. There’s been a lot of incredible content from them in the five years since, but now, they’re back with something special. Set to release at Spring M3-2018 on April 29, Freezer’s latest full album “Can You Decorate?” is now being previewed online.


The thirteen track album features ten original tracks and three remixes for which Freezer called on the talents of Nizikawa, you, and Aire to create something incredible. Additionally, the whole album features the incredible vocal stylings of Kiichigo, adding a unique and cutesy flair to the release. Fans of Freezer’s rhythm game work will also be pleased to know that the album includes “Chocolate Planet,” though it’s worth mentioning that’ll be a CD exclusive. Further details on the release can be found below:

Release: Freezer feat. Kiichigo – Can You Decorate?
Release Date: April 29, 2018
Price: 1,000 yen @ Event – 1,500 yen @ Shop
Label: Lililum Records

01 Can You Decorate?
02 Chocolate Parade
03 Berry Go!!
04 Candy Princess
05 Donuts in Love
06 Caramel Rain
07 Macaron Time
08 Dreamin’ Tonight
09 Galaxy Cake
10 Caramel Rain (Nizikawa Remix)
11 Candy Princess (“you”robeat Remix)
12 Berry Go (Aire Remix)
13 Chocolate Planet [Licensed by Konami Amusement]

I’m super excited to get my hands on the full release, and I especially can’t wait to see how Freezer’s sounds continue to evolve over the next five years. Further information can be found via the official website.

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