Fukuske Corporation Announces Doraemon Collection Socks Series

Doraemon Collection TOP

If there is one thing that people get on holidays (and they always say they don’t need more) is socks. Japanese company Fukuske Corporation is looking to spice up your drawer with their new Doraemon Collection series of socks. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘dude, they’re just socks,’ and I completely get you, but you see, I love anything that is Doraemon and that includes these socks. When I first saw them, I immediately thought about how I actually needed more socks, and now I want to order these for myself.

Doraemon Mens

Fukuske Corporation will be bringing six designs to the Doraemon Collection, three for men and three for women. Each of the designs will feature items from Doraemon and images of Doraemon himself. The socks are mid-length, which kind of comes about halfway up your shin on the men’s version, and just above the ankle on the women’s version. Either way, they’re absolutely adorable. The men’s versions come in three different colors: a red sock with clocks and Doraemon featured on them, a black version with Doraemon using the Take-copter, and a navy blue with the small light, dokodemo door, and Doraemon. The women’s versions of the socks have the same designs but come in salmon, white, and blue.

Doraemon Womens

The Doraemon Collection socks will be available to order through the Fukuske website sometime before the end of February. As with all international goods, you’re going to need a friend to help you get these or have a proxy pick them up and ship them to you. Maybe you can get them to match your Doraemon x Gucci products you bought too :).

Fukuske Corporation, ©Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, TV-Asahi, Shin-ei, and ADK
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