Funimation Announces ‘Steins;GateCrash’ Event Featuring Kanako Itou for AnimeExpo 2019

Steins;GateCrash event key visual

Fans of Steins;Gate are in for a treat at this year’s AnimeExpo. To celebrate their release of the sequel series Steins;Gate 0 in the west, Funimation has announced the new event Steins;GateCrash, set to take place on Saturday, July 6 and welcome Steins;Gate vocalist Kanako Ito and series publicist Rintaro Murata for a night of festivities that fans of the series will surely never forget.

The night begins at 8 PM for those who secure priority entry, ahead of the 8:30 PM start for Kanako Ito’s concert. Ito has performed numerous opening songs for the Steins;Gate anime series, as well as many of the other ‘Science Adventure’ series, including the iconic ‘Hacking to the Gate’ as well as the fantastic first Steins;Gate 0 opening ‘Fatima.’ She has also performed many other songs featured in other video games over the years, which will no doubt form part of her setlist.

Steins;GateCrash event key visual
Key visual for the Steins;GateCrash event

This will be followed by a panel featuring Steins;Gate franchise publicist Rintaro Murata, who will give a ‘special presentation’ on the promotion and success of the series in Japan. This will no doubt cover the series’ numerous tie-ins and cross-media promotion over the years. The Steins;GateCrash event will then open the floor to guests for a Q&A session with both Murata and Ito.

The night won’t stop there, however, as guests will then be able to participate in a Steins;Gate karaoke contest judged by Kanako Ito herself. You might need a little liquid courage for that, and luckily AnimeExpo has you covered in that respect. The Steins;GateCrash event will have a paid bar complete with Steins;Gate themed drinks and photo spots throughout the night. These will no doubt come in useful as the karaoke contest ends and the party begins, lasting until 2 AM.

Anyone interested in the AnimeExpo Steins;GateCrash event should consider purchasing priority tickets, which come in two varieties – VIP and Priority. These tickets retail for $120 and $30 respectively, with the former coming with the Funimation Steins;Gate 0 Blu-rays, exclusive merchandise and an autograph season with Kanako Ito. Those with a regular AnimeExpo badge can still come along, but will not be able to see the concert. Check out Funimation’s official site for details.

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