Galaxxxy’s Latest Lineup of Autumn/Winter Fashion Is Here

When it comes to Tokyo-based fashion brands that I hold an endless supply of respect for, few rank anywhere close to Galaxxxy in my mind. They’re as stylistic as they are playful, and aren’t afraid to push the norm to new levels when it comes to both fashion and colors. That’s why this season, in particular, has my interest piqued. Through both their latest collaboration with Adventure Time,” which is recently starting to make waves in Japan following Cartoon Network’s Japan-focused expansion, as well as a slew of original pieces, we again find ourselves with an incredible season of clothing from the brand.

One of my favorite things about Galaxxxy is, unlike a lot of other brands, their style undeniably blends both legitimate street fashion with the quirkiness of internet-age clothing. This season is no different and is especially exemplified in pieces such as their “FRYING BONE” pullovers, which continue to build on the series that started earlier this year; also shown in the below images is the new Aurora Tulle Skirt from the company:

Another recent addition to the Galaxxxy wardrobe, though it’s been available for a little longer, is the incredible new set of harnesses, chokers and other accessories adorned with brand characters. Though it’s a little obvious the brand isn’t the first to jump on the holographic accessory trend, it’s still undeniable just how good each piece looks:

Finally, we take a look at the incredible new collaborative pieces between both “Adventure Time” and Galaxxxy. Featuring three main items, we’re offered three choices of colorway for the Jake & Finn varsity jacket, a super stand-out Princess Bubblegum pullover and a series of boxers. It’s not the first time the brand has collaborated with the “Adventure Time” series, and one can only hope we get the opportunity to see even more like this in the future:

I’m legitimately excited to see the season’s lineup of clothes continue to expand and am especially excited to see where Galaxxxy go next. If you’re interested in checking out some more of the fashion brands pieces, you can find them via their official website.

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