galaxxxy to Launch In-House Idol Group Following Legacy of Industry Support

Galaxxxy to Launch In-House Idol Group Following Legacy of Industry Support

galaxxxy is a brand that is no stranger to collaborations with idol groups. Throughout the years, their works have been intertwined with idol culture through numerous collaborations with the likes of Momoiro Clover Z, Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, and most recently, CY8ER — just to name a few. But while the company had always played a hand in the visual aspect of external idol groups, they’d actually never hosted a group of their own. That’s where galaxxxy’s latest project comes into play. Aiming to combine everything that makes galaxxxy so attractive to those looking for something different, galaxxxy hopes to create something incredible through the project.

Nested away in the streets of Shibuya, galaxxxy has been a major player in the underground Shibuya fashion scene for some time. Their originals and collaborations throughout the years have always existed to blur the line between what many would consider street fashion and “otaku wear”, adding their own signature flair with collaborative designs from anime, games, and music. Through this new idol project, galaxxxy hopes to bring together a mixed group of individuals that capture this essence. They’re looking for talents who are into games, anime, media, and music outside the norms of traditional idol structure.

Galaxxxy to Launch In-House Idol Group Following Legacy of Industry Support

Set to be hosted from today, May 7, until May 27, galaxxxy’s idol audition will be made available for girls aged 18-23, with experience as an idol not required (on-site dance and vocal training will be provided). The applicants will need to live in Tokyo, and all need to be of good health with a positive attitude to be considered eligible. Those members that are selected will then go on to form this new group, with galaxxxy handling the creative direction of costuming and performances.

Honestly, it’s surprising it’s taken this long for galaxxxy to make the leap into the world of idol production. It was always a bit of fun watching groups like BPM15Q and instantly recognizing the galaxxxy pieces they’d be wearing, so it’s only natural for the brand to be bringing a bit of this home. While it might be a little while before we actually see the brand’s new group debut, it’ll be interesting to follow where they go from here, especially given this is the beginning of something new.

For those interested in checking out further information, be sure to visit galaxxxy’s official website.

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