Brewery Develops Galaxy Express 999 Craft Beer

Galaxy Express 999 Craft Beer

If your anime-viewing experience involves alcoholic refreshment, check out this new Galaxy Express 999 craft beer. On 21 December, Helios Distillery began shipping bottles of Maetel Weizen Premium Craft Beer. The beer features Maetel, the mysterious blonde woman who is one of the main protagonists on the Galaxy Express train throughout the Leiji Matsumoto franchise.

Note that Weizen is not Maetel’s last name. The beer is a weizenbier, a style of bavarian wheat beer.

Galaxy Express 999 Craft Beer

According to the brewery, the beer has ‘an elegant and rich taste.’ That would certainly seem to describe Maetel, who is the daughter of a queen. They also say that the beer has ‘a floral aroma, and a soft taste.’

Apparently, Maetel is just the first character from the classic anime franchise to be featured in the beer series. However, Helios has not said which of the other characters would also be featured in batches of the beer. Tetsuro would appear to be too young to drink beer. Perhaps they will create a Captain Harlock or Emeraldas beer, or a Queen Prometheum.

The beer is made in Sawauchi, a snowy mountain village in Nishiwaga in Iwate Prefecture. In addition to beer, the brewery also makes sake.

The brewery’s website mentions the ‘abundant and high-quality water of the Ou Mountains.’ Although they also note that the Nishiwaga brewery was closed from March to July of this year. During the closure, the Helios Brewery in Nago City, Okinawa, took over operations.

The Galaxy Express beer is sold in liquor and retail stores in the Tokyo area, and at the brewery’s official online shop.

Helios Distillery Co.; Leiji Matsumoto, Toei Animation
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