Online VR Indies Game Convention ‘GameVketZero’ Announced

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As the world continues to spiral out of control thanks to the impact of COVID-19, many conventions, gatherings, entertainment, and pretty much anything involving many people have been taken online. In the past year, we have seen the emergence of innovative ways to help people enjoy the things that they would normally do in person: online, or in VR. That is exactly what the company HIKKY is doing with their upcoming GameVketZero online VR convention for Japanese indies games.

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The company HIKKY is no stranger to holding VR conventions, as they were the ones that posted amazing results for their online Comiket, ComicVket, and music event, MusicVket. Their newest venture is an online VR Indies Game Conference titled GameVketZero, which will play home to many indie game developers from Japan.

Event organizer HIKKY had the following to say about the event:

Currently, indie games are attracting attention not only from core gamers but also from the rest of the world, thanks to the birth of global hits in consumer and smartphone games, the spread to the general public through live streamers, and the huge success of game creation platforms. However, the current situation is that it is difficult to hold real exhibitions and sales events under the influence of the coronavirus. ‘GameVketZero’ was planned with the hope of creating more opportunities for indie game creators to present their work. The word ‘Zero’ means that we want to create a ‘new shape’ of game events from here. While there are still some areas where we have yet to recreate the sheer joy of a real event where you can see people trying out the games right in front of you, we hope to create a ‘new way to enjoy and encounter games’ that fully utilizes the best aspects of virtual events, where people can gather from all over the world, avoiding the dense crowd, and enjoy learning about the games they love. We will continue to challenge ourselves to create an event where people can discover ‘new ways to enjoy and meet games’ and ‘new ways to get involved with creators and games’.

Their business model for these events is quite solid, and they seem that they want to whole-heartedly help out the industries they’re trying to reach. GameVketZero will be taking place in VRChat from 29 April 2021 until 5 May 2021.

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