Garrack Announces ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Watches

Seven Deadly Sins Watches

Japanese watch manufacturer Garrack announced a trio of timepieces themed after the characters from the hit anime and manga Seven Deadly Sins.

Japanese watch manufactures seem to enjoy collaborating with anime properties. There have been numerous EvangelionPokémon, and Cowboy Bebop collaborations, and now Seven Deadly Sins joins the mix.

The three watches are themed after the main characters of the series, Meliodas, Ban, and King. Each character’s distinctive coloring and motifs are used throughout the watch to avoid overt expressions and subtly express the character. Equipped with a full-fledged chronograph (second hand, 12-hour totalizer, 30-minute totalizer), the quality and design of the watches is perfect for daily use by adults. The watches also come with a super snazzy themed box.

Seven Deadly Sins Watch Box

If you’re interested in nabbing one of these for yourself, orders will be taken at the official online store of Garrack and the official online store of Animate. Pre-orders for the watches start on 20 April 2021 and will run through 18 July 2021. Each of the watches also has a fairly decent price, with the Meliodas version costing ¥19,800 and the Ban and King versions costing ¥18,700. The watches are scheduled to start shipping this summer in mid-July.

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