Gawr Gura Finally Surpasses Kizuna AI to Become Most Subscribed VTuber of All Time

Gawr Gura becomes most subscribed VTuber

After much anticipation, it finally happened: Gawr Gura has surpassed Kizuna AI to become the most subscribed VTuber of all time.

More specifically, Gawr Gura’s channel reached three million subscribers over the weekend, putting her about 30,000 above Kizuna AI’s current sub count. It is worth noting that AI has another, separate channel for gaming content that would add up to 4.5 million if put together with her main channel, but no matter. The changing of the guard was foreseen long ahead of time thanks to Gura’s tremendous growth.

In any case, the gravity of this milestone cannot be understated. Kizuna AI has long since been considered the first real virtual YouTuber, but Gawr Gura has managed to surpass her less than one year since her debut. That’s an incredible feat, speaking to the expanding market for VTuber content outside of Japan.

Looking ahead, this undoubtedly fills Cover Corp with confidence for the upcoming second generation of hololive English talent and possibly beyond. If one of their English-language personalities can become the most subscribed VTuber of all time in less than a year since their debut, then the future really is wide open for even more success.

It should also be noted that Gawr Gura isn’t exactly alone in her achievements, either. All of the first generation of hololive EN reached the one million subscriber milestone last month, which is something that most creators on the platform don’t ever achieve. Let alone five of them within one year!

The only problem for hololive that comes alongside success will be learning how to properly support and care for their creators, lest more hiatuses lie down the line. Now that she carries the accolade of being the most subscribed VTuber of all time, there is undoubtedly a lot of pressure weighing down on Gawr Gura shoulders.

Luckily, judging from her latest stream, she doesn’t appear to be phased one bit.

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